i said i love u…

Girl,come to me
I will chase your tears away
Put your trust in me
Girl I swear I’ll never change
Darling you will see
That my love is here to stay
I promise you, I will be true
From here and now, forever girl I

I said I love you
I said I care
When I tell you I love you
It mean I always will be there
I’ll never leave you
I ain’t goin’ nowhere
When I tell you I love you
Cross my heart I will be there

Open up your heart
Don’t be afraid to love again
We can take it slow
You should know I understand
Take your time
And I don’t care how long it takes
‘Cause I promise you, I’m here for you
From here and now, forever…

And I will be there for you
Forever sincere to you
Girl I’ll always care for you
I just wanna share my life with you
Right here, right now, and forever

p/s: I love you in every way

The way you breath makes me calm
The way you speak makes me warm
The way you see right through me
You make me the guy that I want to be

The way you hold me, I could never feel cold
The way you are, how my heart got sold
The way your nose moves when you speak
The way your eyes looks at me makes me weak

The way you smell, your perfume
It is like to be in Heaven, I assume
The way you taste, better than any chocolate
The way we fit together, it must be fate

The way your white skin meets my pure brown colour
The way we both fight for our love to win
Your honesty makes me believe in everything you say

The way you smile makes me want to kiss you
The way I am when I am with you, I could never be blue
The way you stole my heart and kept it
The way we belong to each other, we fit

All the things we do when the light goes out
The sweet words that comes out of your mouth
The way I will miss you until the next time we meet
The way we are perfect, together we are complete

All these things I love about you
But most the way you love me too
'I love you' is all I want you to say
We are perfect in every way
All our moments that forever will be missed
Your humour makes me smile my happiest smile
The way we go together as well as our style

I love you in every way...

This Is For You…

This is for you, and only you,
And im feeling like, I dont even know where to start
I cant believe we made it this far
Cant believe you gave me your heart
Even Kodak couldnt picture us apart
I swear a astronaut has never seen a brighter star
Then you, my baby, my lady, my flower, my daisy
Your love drives my crazy, so crazy
Insane is what you make me, and you make me
Feel like a king cuz u are a queen, my queen that is
And you came true, my dream that is
Cuz I felt like I could only dream of this
Your loving must be a drug cuz i pheen for it
Call me stupid but Ill give everything for it
And Im never letting go like I cling to it
I love everything about you incase you couldnt tell
Not clumsy at all but for you I have fellThis is for you, and only you,
My number one, my only one

I hope your feeling great cuz you shouldnt feel any less
Then the best, cuz the rest, they a mess, and I confess,
Ive been blessed, with an angel so I dont even stress
With you by my side im fly
And there is no airplane or drug that could get me this high
I feel like the sky u got me floating on clouds
If our love was a volume then you know its on loud
And I will never turn it down, cuz Im loving the sound
They say there more fish in the sea but ur the only I see
Quality gotta be heavenly girl you do your thing
You got me feeling like freddy lee and I cant sing
But youre my darling darling baby (yes you, yes)
Youre my sweet and tender love
and your as a pretty as a dove and I promise
your whole life will be filled with nothing but the finest

This is for you, and only you
My number one, my only one
I love you, I really do.


My Mucuk - Mucuki luv u honey…

i miss u mucuk2….

I miss your presence around me

With so many people I feel alone

I miss your touch, miss your lips

I miss every moment more and more

I remind the moment when you smile

Cant forget that even for a while

I am like a flower without sun

Just like bullet without gun...

dear my mucuk2….

I love the way you talk,
I love the way you smell,
I love the way you make me laugh,
Even when my life’s a living hell.

I love your smile,
And your soft and gentle touch,
I love the way you show you care,
When the world seems like too much.

I love the way you understand,
And never let me give up,
I love the way you’re always here,
To keep my spirits up.

I love the way you look at me,
And always bring out the best,
I love the way you lift me up,
And put me above all the rest.

I love the way you know what to say
When I’m really mad,
I love the way you wipe away my tears,
When I’m really sad.

I love the way you make me feel,
Like I’m floating on a cloud,
You look at me like I’m special,
And not just another face in the crowd.

I love the way you know me so well,
And know when to give me my space,
And when I’m ready to talk,
I can always count on seeing your smiling face.

I love everything about you,
From your smile to your loving heart,
I love the kind of person you are,
How you’re sweet and honest and smart.

You’ve found a place in my heart
As such a special friend,
And I know that you love me,
For real and not pretend.

A Game

Love is a Game,
tug o’ war.

Your heart pulled in all directions,
only to fall into tiny pieces on the ground as they let go.

Love is a Game,
a Yo-Yo

Your Heart pulled back up from that ground,
and dangled so close to it again
Over and over.

Love is a Game,
Hide and Seek.

Your Broken heart hiding,
a hopeful lovers seeking you out.

Love is a Game,
Musical Chairs.

Your heart taking that chance,
to win the one that will hold you up.

Love is a Game,
Duck Duck Goose.

Your Heart racing,
hoping that they’ll choose you.

Love is a Game,
sometimes you lose,
sometimes you win.

All i need is….

Please keep me strong and give me 
the strength i need to carry on because
All i need is u...
you are my only comfort when i cry
you keep me alive when i'm ready to die
And all i need is u...
you helped me get through thick and thin
you gave me hope even if i couldn't win
And all i need is u...
you held me up while i was down
you kept me smiling when i wanted to frown
And all i need is u...
you was there when no one else cared
many of nights and tears was shared
And all i need is u...
you tried your best to never let me fail
you gave me your all and still at times i dwell
And all i need is u...
you could never be replaced or taken away
you are all that i own and thats more than i can say
you are me and i am u...
i am all that i have when i reffer to u...
And all i need is me...

i luv u

Just three little words
don't seem like enough
for someone whose smile
still brightens my day,
whose touch can make me forget
the rest of the world.

They don't seem like enough
for someone who's always been there
to celebrate with me
when everything goes my way
and to hold my hand
when my whole world
seems to fall apart.

But even though "I Love You"
can't express the depth
of my feelings for you.
I hope you know what's in my heart.
Because loving you
means more to me
than anything in the world
and it always will...

If you read my poem…

If you read my poem say yes
if you don’t like my poem
comment poor
but don’t sit your ass and fart in laughter
tell you friend sited next to read my poem

you little bogus friend of this fool
are you reading my poem
can you click on the poor
or probably extremely poor

your wasting your time frowning around
please start smiling
and close this page

my codename is Shiro Kanzaki whats yours…


Lock away my fears inside a bottle.

Lock away my fears inside a jungle.

Let the tiger,Flaming eyes,

Let the tiger,Rip fears’ sight.

Vision of madness,Becoming a darkened ray.

Vision of sadness,Turning into gray.

Trapped inside reality,Burning tiger eyes crying.

Trapped inside humanity,The winds are flying.

This is reality,Show me what you want me to see.

Ocean is blue,And so are you.

Tiger lead me,Through the jungle life.

Tiger unconver the key,To unlock all my strife.

Let me out of the blacked eyed night,Give me a new light.