KLIA2 in Memory

IMG_20140214_162020 IMG_20131107_130040 IMG_20131107_130049 IMG_20131107_130232 IMG_20131107_130642 IMG_20131107_131342 IMG_20131107_160135 IMG_20131107_160159 IMG_20131112_132902 IMG_20131112_132917 IMG_20131112_133054 IMG_20131112_133119 IMG_20131112_134907 IMG_20131112_134938 IMG_20131112_135233 IMG_20131112_135238 IMG_20131114_140158 IMG_20131114_140210 IMG_20131114_140218 IMG_20140214_161153 IMG_20140214_161724 IMG_20140214_161731 IMG_20140214_162013 IMG_20140214_162016 klia2 Photoshoot IMG-20140414-WA0090 20140510_002 20140510_003 20140510_004 IMG_20140515_070151 IMG_20140515_070555 IMG_20140515_070900 IMG-20140414-WA0045 IMG-20140414-WA0050


kenangan ak dari awl projek KLIA2 smpai siap…dh boleh operation….huhu


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