Setahun Pemergian Arwah Sahabatku Syaufiq Farhan (Paan)


Sedar xsedar,dah genap setahun kembalinya salah seorang sahabatku Syaufiq Farhan a.k.a Paan ke pangkuan Illahi pada 29 Januari 2011…Al-Faatihah buat arwah…

Alhamdulillah, pada hari Jumaat malam sabtu lepas,aku,Amran,Ayoi,Kiko,Bana,Amri,Syafiq berpeluang buat bacaan Yaasiiin buat arwah…walaupun xramai yg dapat join,ak dah cukup bersyukur sbb boleh lpskn ‘rindu’ kt arwah….thnx pada korg…yg xdpt join tu,boleh la buat kt rumah sendiri kn…xde masalah pun…huhu

Insya-Allah,ade masa free nt,ak nk g gak jenguk kubur arwah…walaupun setahun dah berlalu,ak xpernah lupakan arwah…walaupun kejap sahaja perkenalan kami,tapi,banyak sngt kenangan dngn arwah…semoga roh arwah senantiasa dicucuri rahmat dr Allah…

Ni jelah yang aku nk updatekan buat masa skrg…aku rindukan semua kawan2 aku…rindukan family aku…semoga hidup kita semua sentiasa diberkati oleh-NYA…Aamiinn…


“Jazakumullahu Khairan Kathiiraa…”


Application: celtx

What it is:

Celtx is the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production software. It has
everything you need to take your story from concept to production. Celtx
replaces ‘paper, pen & binder’ pre-production with a digital approach that’s
more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.


*Multi-Media Friendly*
Celtx helps you pre-produce all types of media – film, video, documentary,
theater, machinima, comics, advertising, video games, music video, radio,
podcasts, videocasts, and however else you choose to tell your story.

*All In One*
Unlike scriptwriting software and sites, you can use Celtx for the entire
pre-production process – write scripts, storyboard scenes and sequences,
develop characters, breakdown & tag elements, schedule production, and prepare
detailed and informative production reports for cast and crew.

*Fully Integrated*
Celtx is designed to help your entire production team work together on a
single, easy to share project file – eliminating the confusion of multiple
project files, and the need for ‘paper and binder’.

*World Community of Media Creators*
More than 500,000 media creators in 160 countries create with Celtx in 28
different languages. Celtx is used by independent filmmakers and studio
professionals, and by students in over 1,800 universities and film schools –
many that have adopted Celtx for teaching and class work submission.

*The Best of The Desktop & The Web*
Celtx is a desktop application that delivers the most fluid writing and
editing experience. You can always keep your fingers moving as fast as your
thoughts and your creative flow is never interrupted. With Celtx you can also
work at any time off-line and privacy is never a concern.

Celtx Studios use the web to deliver a central server’s superior strength for
heavy-lifting tasks such as mass storage, collaboration and e-commerce.

No other film production software gives you the advantages of the Celtx-Celtx
Studios hybrid desktop-web architecture.

*Non-Linear Project Development*
Unlike scriptwriting software and sites, Celtx puts a choice of fully
integrated development tools right at your fingertips, giving you total
flexibility to determine how your story takes shape.

To know more about:

To install in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install celtx