Few things a Beginner Hacker Should Know

Here are few points for beginners to hacking should know and understand….

1. In the beginning stage, most of the beginners search for hacking tools and software. But Here i want to make this clear that no tool and software exists which can hack Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, twitter or any other website or email account in just few clicks. These types of posts on internet are just for attracting visits and spread spams. Most of this type of hacking tools are binded with trojans which leads your system at risk. The recent example is Anonymous LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) tool which is used to hack members to use their system in criminal activities.

2. Never use any premium keylogger which is available free on filehosting websites. Hackers always host this type of tool with Trojans. After installing this type of keyloggers, you…

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Protecting your identity

In the world of internet, password, pin number, id become the most important words. All these were used to safeguard our personal data’s. Even if we don’t have a secured password, our account will lead to hacking and may use in illegal purpose. Many researches are also trying to have the system which cannot be hacked by others. As a part of it windows consumer comes along with the special password technology, which can’t be hacked by others.
After researching for number of days the scientist of Microsoft who developing windows consumer preview came up with an idea that is Digital identity, which is convenient and secure. A survey which taken in many countries stats that most of the people have more than 25 accounts like bank, email, social networking, merchant and many others. And it’s not simple to manage or remember passwords of all 25 accounts…

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State hacking. Do’s and don’ts, pros and cons


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Over the past days a lot has been said and written on counter hacking by enforcement agencies. The cause is a letter Dutch Minister I. Opstelten, Security & Justice, sent to parliament (click here). Pros and cons were debated and exchanged. Despite the fact that I perfectly understand the frustration of enforcement agencies of having to find actionable data and evidence that gets criminals convicted in a borderless, amorphous environment, a line seems to be crossed with this idea presented to Dutch parliament. Where are we?

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