Having trouble copying from XP Pro to Vista ??

The permissions that Vista requires seem more stringent than in XP Pro. I have happily copied from XP Pro to XP Pro for years. When copying from XP machine to Vista machine, files will copy; but when on Vista machine and trying to copy from XP, some files copied and other s didn’t.
I tried about 50 different solutions – none worked! The XP machine has not set the permissions in a way that Vista can copy from, so you need to set them up on the XP machine.
1. Go to the folder (not file) that stores the files that won’t copy (eg. the yellow My Documents folder).
2. Right click on the folder and select PROPERTIES.
3. Select the SECURITY tab.
4. Select ADVANCED (bottom right).
5. Make sure you select the PERMISSIONS tab if it isn’t already selected.
6. Click on “Allow _ Everyone _ Modify _ ….” the lines with MODIFY on, are the ones that are preventing the files from transferring.
7. Now that the “Allow _ Everyone _ Modify _ ….” line is selected, click EDIT.
8. In the list of permissions in the next window, you’ll see some UNSELECTED boxes under the heading ALLOW.
9. SELECT each of these to give full control to the EVERYONE name.
10. Click OK
11. Place ticks in both boxes at the bottom left of this window (Advanced Security Settings window)… Box headings are …(INHERIT FROM PARENT THE PERMISSION ENTRIES and REPLACE PERMISSION ENTRIES ON ALL CHILD OBJECTS)
12. Click OK
13. Click OK
Now the XP machine will give full rights to the VISTA machine to copy files over.
My VISTA machine has File Sharing switched on. To check this select CONTROL PANEL, then select NETWORK AND SHARING CENTRE. Under this window you can turn on a number of actions including FILE SHARING (it should be ON).
Hope this helps.

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