Application: SWFTools

What it is:

SWF Tools is a collection of SWF (Flash) manipulation and creation utilities.


The central tool is swfc which takes as input a description of a Flash
animation in a simple language and creates as output an SWF file. It
is possible to include ActionScript scripts into the generated SWF
file. SWFTools also includes the RFXSWF Library which allows to write
programs that generate SWF.
In addition SWFTools includes a number of tools to convert content in
the PDF, JPEG, GIF, WAV and AVI formats to SWF, and others to extract
information and content from existing SWF files. It’s also possible to
embed other SWF files, which may be useful for animating static
pictures (for example, the static SWF files generated by
OpenOffice.org Impress and Draw).

To know more about:


To install in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install swftools

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