This Is For You…

This is for you, and only you,
And im feeling like, I dont even know where to start
I cant believe we made it this far
Cant believe you gave me your heart
Even Kodak couldnt picture us apart
I swear a astronaut has never seen a brighter star
Then you, my baby, my lady, my flower, my daisy
Your love drives my crazy, so crazy
Insane is what you make me, and you make me
Feel like a king cuz u are a queen, my queen that is
And you came true, my dream that is
Cuz I felt like I could only dream of this
Your loving must be a drug cuz i pheen for it
Call me stupid but Ill give everything for it
And Im never letting go like I cling to it
I love everything about you incase you couldnt tell
Not clumsy at all but for you I have fellThis is for you, and only you,
My number one, my only one

I hope your feeling great cuz you shouldnt feel any less
Then the best, cuz the rest, they a mess, and I confess,
Ive been blessed, with an angel so I dont even stress
With you by my side im fly
And there is no airplane or drug that could get me this high
I feel like the sky u got me floating on clouds
If our love was a volume then you know its on loud
And I will never turn it down, cuz Im loving the sound
They say there more fish in the sea but ur the only I see
Quality gotta be heavenly girl you do your thing
You got me feeling like freddy lee and I cant sing
But youre my darling darling baby (yes you, yes)
Youre my sweet and tender love
and your as a pretty as a dove and I promise
your whole life will be filled with nothing but the finest

This is for you, and only you
My number one, my only one
I love you, I really do.


My Mucuk - Mucuki luv u honey…

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