Dangerous Virus ON Mobile

mobile virus 150x150 10 Most Dangerous Virus MobileVirus in the same hp as computer viruses. Should a virus program, ie programs that can install themselves, they can cause damage either directly or indirectly. Although there are a few of them that do not cause damage, but they still cause damage.

Here’s a list of 10 most dangerous viruses ever found in mobile phones:

1. Cabir

Found: Jun 2004

Nickname: SymbOS / Cabir.A, EPOC / Cabir.A, Worm.Symbian.Cabir.a, Caribe

Target: Mobile Symbian S60V2

Scattered through: Bluetooth

Damage: slow performance of mobile
Cabir is a worm that spreads via a Bluetooth connection and into the inbox messages with an interesting name. If the file will be opened and installed, Cabir will start looking for other mobile targets that are open access his Bluetooth connections to spread. Cabir Bluetooth will enable a periodic basis, about 15-20 minutes, to get other mobile targets. There is no danger of damage, but the hp battery will run out more quickly because of continuous use bluetooth.

2. Skulls

Discovered: November 2004

Nickname: SymbOS.skulls, skulls.sis, Extenhded theme.sis

Target: Symbian mobile phone

Scattered through: Internet

Damage: mobile phones can not be used again except to call and receive calls.
When installed, Skull H will display notification message: “Install beta_092_free-sms-RM8″ and Skull S displays the message “Install BlueNum Stealer”, and some other weird messages. These types of Trojans and system damage caused icon menu icon changed into a skull. Not only can change the icons, Skull can damage all the applications that his icon has been changed. Usually when an infected application is opened it will appear is the error message.

3. CommWarrior

Found: Jan 2005

Nickname: random

Target: Mobile Symbian S60V2

Scattered through: Bluetooth and MMS

Damage: Sending virus replication through MMS to any number in contacs, spent a pulse.
These viruses are often not being recognized because the name he used was not sure. This type of virus attacks vary widely, but the most common is the virus will spread through Bluetooth. Several variants of this virus will also send MMS to random numbers stored in contacs. The last variant was found Commwarrior T. that infects the Symbian 8.1 (S60V2) or previous versions. This virus will spread and sometimes to open the HTML page containing a message like this:

“Introduction Surprise! Your phone infected by CommWarrior worm v3.0. Matrix has you, CommWarrior inside. No panic please, it is very interesting to have mobile virus at own phone. This worm does not bring any harm to your phone and your significant data. About CommWarrior worm for Nokia Series60 provides automatic real-time protection against harmful content Anti-Virus. CommWarrior is free software and is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, without any warranty. Thank you for using CommWarrior. CommWarrior © 2005 -2006 by e10d0r.

4. Locknut

Found: Mar 2005

Nickname: unknown

Target: Symbian s60

Scattered through: Internetdownload

Damage: crashing phone system (ROM)
Locknut or SymbOS.Locknut is a backdoor Trojan that uses the Symbian S60 system. The virus is dangerous because it can change the binary data (file extension. Bin) in the phone ROM from the system, and cause the cell phone operating system stops. Locknut E, one variant of this virus, will destroy important files in the system and cause the application Symbian infected can not be opened. In this way, over time will be locked phone in total.

5. Fontal

Discovered: April 2005

Nickname: unknown

Target: Symbian s60

Scattered through: Internet download

Damage: Lock the phone since the first fired and could not be used.
If the phone lock Locknut gradually, it will lock the phone Fontal since it first started.

6. RommWar

Found: –

Nickname: theme.sis, xxx.sis, Britney_.sis, or the names of other exciting fishing for installation

Target: Symbian s60

Scattered through: Bluetooth, MMS, and internet

Damage: causes phone can not boot, restarts itself often
When the installation process running, the screen will display a message like this: “Install Stoper by WarriorMarrior?”
RommWar consists of 4 variants namely A, B, C and D which all have functions can cause the phone not boot, restarts itself often, turn off the power button, and prevent the mobile to light when lit.

7. DoomBoot

Found: –

Nickname: Doom_2_wad_kracked_by_DFT_S60_v.1.0.sis (disguised as a mobile games Doom 2), exoVirusStopv2.13.19 (disguised as antivirus programs)

Target: symbian s60

Scattered through: Bluetooth

Damage: create corrupted files, preventing phone reboot, if successful reboot it should be hard-reset melakukkan
Doomboot including Trojan viruses. Many variants have been discovered, such as Doomboot A, C, L, F, G, and P. Make Doomboot A corrupted file, and after infecting a file, it will put other viruses such as CommWarrior.B into the mobile phone. Damaged file will prevent the phone to run the reboot. In addition, this virus also causes the battery will quickly run out due to constant use bluetooth connection.

8. CardTrap

Found: –

Nickname: masquerading as famous as kingkong game, Half Life, Battlefield 2, etc.. Sometimes also disguised as an application example SeleQ 1.7 – kracked TNT.sis

Target: Symbian S60 mobile phone and Windows-based PC

Scattered through: memory cards

Damage: causes important applications to malfunction, chaos systems, damaging the function of some buttons
The first mobile phone virus created to also attack Windows-based computers. He will put the virus into 2 files in memory cards for mobile phones. Many variants have been found, such as CardTrap P, Q, R, S to double alphabets like CardTrap AA, AG, AJ, etc.. Cardtrap damage your system by turning off some important applications, especially anti-virus applications. If the memory card to be infected with the virus is connected to a PC, it will grow CardTrap himself to the PC and they will spread themselves.

9. PBStealer

Found: –

Nickname: ChattingYuk.sis, PBCompressor.sis

Target: Symbian s60 phone

Scattered through: Bluetooth

Damage: exploiting the number of contacts, to-do list, database and notepad
PBStealer is mobile viruses from Indonesia, we take pride in Indonesia. This virus will copy important data on our mobile phones such as contacs, to-do list, notes, etc. into the format. Txt and then will spread to other mobile phones such as Bluetooth. Brief look harmless but what if there are important data we are disseminated and used for criminal purposes?.

10. AppDisabler


Nickname: –

Target: Symbian

Scattered through: Bluetooth, MMS

Damage: install other viruses are dangerous as well, such as Locknut, Cabir and Skulls, causing the entire operating system to a halt.

That said, this is the most dangerous cell phone viruses in existence for combining several types of viruses as well. If this virus has gotten into our mobile phones, which can be done is say goodbye.

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