7 clever Google tricks

Below I have compiled a list of 7 clever Google tricks that I believe everyone should be aware of.  Together I think they represent the apex of the grand possibilities associated with Google search manipulation tricks and hacks.  Although there are many others out there, these 7 tricks are my all-time favorite.  Enjoy yourself.

1.  Find the Face Behind the Result – This is a neat trick you can use on a Google Image search to filter the search results so that they include only images of people.  How is this useful?  Well, it could come in handy if you are looking for images of the prominent people behind popular products, companies, or geographic locations.  You can perform this search by appending the code&imgtype=face to the end of the URL address after you perform a standard Google Image search.

2.  Google + Social Media Sites = Quality Free Stuff – If you are on the hunt for free desktop wallpaper, stock images, WordPress templates or the like, using Google to search your favorite social media sites is your best bet.  The word “free” in any standard search query immediately attracts spam.  Why wade through potential spam in standard search results when numerous social media sites have an active community of users who have already ranked and reviewed the specific free items that interest you.  All you have to do is direct Google to search through each of these individual social media sites, and bingo… you find quality content ranked by hundreds of other people.

3.  Find Free Anonymous Web Proxies – A free anonymous web proxy site allows any web browser to access other third-party websites by channeling the browser’s connection through the proxy.  The web proxy basically acts as a middleman between your web browser and the third-party website you are visiting.  Why would you want to do this?  There are two common reasons:

  • You’re connecting to a public network at a coffee shop or internet café and you want privacy while you browse the web.  You don’t want the admin to know every site you visit.
  • You want to bypass a web content filter or perhaps a server-side ban on your IP address.  Content filtering is common practice on college campus networks.  This trick will usually bypass those restrictions.

There are subscription services and applications available such as TOR and paid VPN servers that do the same thing.  However, this trick is free and easy to access from anywhere via Google.  All you have to do is look through the search results returned by the queries below, find a proxy that works, and enter in the URL of the site you want to browse anonymously.

4.  Google for Music, Videos, and Ebooks – Google can be used to conduct a search for almost any file type, including Mp3s, PDFs, and videos.  Open web directories are one of the easiest places to quickly find an endless quantity of freely downloadable files.  This is an oldie, but it’s a goodie!  Why thousands of webmasters incessantly fail to secure their web severs will continue to boggle our minds.

5.  Browse Open Webcams Worldwide – Take a randomized streaming video tour of the world by searching Google for live open access video webcams.  This may not be the most productive Google trick ever, but it sure is fun!  (Note: you may be prompted to install an ActiveX control or the Java runtime environment which allows your browser to view certain video stream formats.)

6.  Judge a Site by its Image – Find out what a site is all about by looking at a random selection of the images hosted on its web pages.  Even if you are somewhat familiar with the target site’s content, this can be an entertaining little exercise.  You will almost surely find something you didn’t expect to see.  All you have to do is use Google’s site: operator to target a domain in an image search.

7.  Results Based on Third-Party Opinion – Sometimes you can get a better idea of the content located within a website by reading how other websites refer to that site’s content.  The allinanchor: Google search operator can save you large quantities of time when a normal textual based search query fails to fetch the information you desire.  It conducts a search based on keywords used strictly in the anchor text, or linking text, of third party sites that link to the web pages returned by the search query.  In other words, this operator filters your search results in a way such that Google ignores the title and content of the returned web pages, but instead bases the search relevance on the keywords that other sites use to reference the results.  It can add a whole new dimension of variety to your search results.

Bonus Material:

Here is a list of my favorite Google advanced search operators, operator combinations, and related uses:

  • link:URL = lists other pages that link to the URL.
  • related:URL = lists other pages that are related to the URL.
  • site:domain.com “search term = restricts search results to the given domain.
  • allinurl:WORDS = shows only pages with all search terms in the url.
  • inurl:WORD = like allinurl: but filters the URL based on the first term only.
  • allintitle:WORD = shows only results with terms in title.
  • intitle:WORD = similar to allintitle, but only for the next word.
  • cache:URL = will show the Google cached version of the URL.
  • info:URL = will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.
  • filetype:SOMEFILETYPE = will restrict searches to that filetype
  • -filetype:SOMEFILETYPE = will remove that file type from the search.
  • site:www.somesite.net “+www.somesite.net” = shows you how many pages of your site are indexed by google
  • allintext: = searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title
  • allinlinks: = searches only within links, not text or title
  • WordA OR WordB = search for either the word A or B
  • “Word” OR “Phrase” = search exact word or phrase
  • WordA -WordB = find word A but filter results that include word B
  • WordA +WordB = results much contain both Word A and Word B
  • ~WORD = looks up the word and its synonyms
  • ~WORD -WORD = looks up only the synonyms to the word.

I’ve changed my future again!!

Salam ukhuwwah pada semua.. 🙂

Sedar xsedar,hari ni dah hari yg ke-25 dlm bln oktober ni..sngt cpt mase brlalu mningglkn kite yg msh trkapai2 tuk bina khdpn yg ckup smpurna di masa akn dtg..Sedar xsedar gk,umurku dh menjangkau usia 24thn..dh tua rsenye..myb ader sesetengah org xrse dh tua..tp tu bkn aku..stiap hari-hari  yg berlalu,aku msh mngjr impian aku..

Pernah xkorg terfikir,setiap apa yg kite lakukn pada hari ini bakal mengubah masa dpn kiter?? aku sdr semua tu n skrg,aku taw aku dah ubah lagi masa dpn aku..setiap kali kite ubh pndirian diri kite pd hr ini,setiap kali itulah kite akn menempuh hari esok yg blum tntu indah..setiap kputusan yg sukar dibuat blum tntu akn mnyukrkn masa dpn kite..dan setiap pilihan yg kite plh blum tntu akn jd knyataan..pada pndangn aku,aku lbh suke mengekalkn diri aku yg skrg..bukan dr segi tuntutan ibadah,tp dr segi gaya hidup aku..myb ramai yg akn mencebik bibir,tp aiman xpenah kesah kn…huhu..

Masa depan diri aku?? hmm..aku dh dpt lihat dngn jelas apa yg aku akn jd..bkn aku nk kate yg aku dpt lihat masa dpn,tp brdsrkn apa yg aku lakukan tuk diri aku skrg ni,aku dpt lihat apa yg bakal aku tempuhi nt…lagipun,aku dah dpt biasakan diri aku dngn apa yg aku lalui dan apa yg aku rasai skrg..aku sngt yakin aku akn dpt jd seseorg yg aku impikn..betapa kuatnya impian aku sehingga aku hlng setiap mimpi aku semasa tdo..aneh kn??tp tu lah knyataan..knyataan bahawasanya aku dh xder mimpi dlm tdo..tp aiman tetap juga ckp xkesah..so,aku pom xnk lah kesah sngt..skdr mimpi jer yg hlg..xder hrganya mimpi tu untuk aku slg aku xdpt capai ape yg aku impikn..

Berkenaan ngan -CISE-?? Kls br ni amatlah brguna tuk aku.. walaupon aku agak jnggl sbb hnya aku yg brbngsa melayu,aku ttp xkesah..sebaliknya aku rse bngga sbb aku ank melayu pertama yg amik kursus tu..myb bg sesetngh org,xder guna tuk bzrkn duit tuk bnda2 yg blum dpt nk jnjkn masa dpn yg bermutu,tp sblknya bg aku,tiada pembaziran kl untuk mencari ilmu..lagipun,skrg2nya kl dh berilmu tinggi,kiter akn dpt bntu org..dan semakin bnyak yg aku tahu tentang sesuatu perkara,aku rse cam bnyak yg aku xtahu sbnrnya..bl aku dikelilingi oleh mereka2 yg xtahu brbahasa melayu,aku rse mkin kerdil..walaupun dorg myb rse nk trgelak ngn ayat aku yg tunggng terbalik,tp aku rse ttp bngga sbb dpt bergaul ngn dorg semua yg nyata lbh pndai dr aku..

Aku rse cam semalam sahaja aku dilahirkan ke dunia ni dr perut mak aku,23jam lps aku mula bljr knl dunia , 22jam lps aku mula bljr mengaji , 21 jam lps aku pndai membaca ABC , 20jam lps aku dh pndai mengira , 19jam lps aku bljr di PASTI , 18jam lps aku msk sekolah rendah kebngsaan tawang , 17jam lps aku dpt kwn2 baru , 16jam lps aku melangkhkn kaki aku ke sekolah menengh ugama(A) mmahad muhammadi lelaki , 15 jam lps aku bertukar ke sekolah menengah ugama(A) maktab pengajian islam , 14 jam lps aku bljr kje slps SPM , 13jam lps aku smbng blk STPM kt SMK Dato’ Ahmad Maher , 12jam lps aku jadi ustaz fadhu ain , 11jam lps aku msk UiTM , 10jam lps aku dibuang UiTM , 9jam lps aku knl komputer , 8jam lps aku knl org yg bg aku hrpn , 7jam lps aku msk UniKL , 6jam lps aku hilng org yg aku tumpangkn harapan aku , 5jam lps aku jalani hidup seperti skrg , 4 jam lps aku bngkit semula dngn tekad yg baru , 3jam lps aku ambl kursus CISE , 2jam lps aku mula menaip tuk blog nih,n 1jam lps aku mula sedar yg aku xprnh bg kebahagiaan pada fmly aku…

Pernah xkorg cb fikir cam aku fikirkn?? ntah pepe nth kn..bl aku fikirkn ni semua,aku rse cam ngek gk cz aku sndiri pun xtaw apa yg ak sll aku fikirkn…setiap ketika,otak aku ligat fikirkn tntang masa depan..sebelum aku lupe,aku nk ucapkn jutaan terima kasih buat Pokme yg snggp tlg aku di saat aku amt memerlukn..kepada yg laen2,thnx gk cz hdrkn diri anda semua dlm idup aku n aku amt brbnga punyai teman2 cam kalian..walaupun ader yg prnah snggh sekejap sje,thnx cz pernah sudi..

Mulai pagi ni,aku brjnj aku akn berusaha dngn lebih krs tuk majukn diri aku dan capai semua impian aku..aku suker pegang pada kate2 nih :-

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.”

Aku nk akhirkan blog aku kali ni kt sini je..aku doakn sahabat-handai aku akn trus maju kedepan dan dpat jd seseorg yg lbh berjaya dari diri aku.. -JAZAKUMULLAHU KHAIRAN KATHIIRAA..

Wassalam… 🙂