Hindenberg Bomb


1 Balloon

1 Bottle

1 Liquid Plumr

1 Piece Aluminum FoilL

1 Length Fuse


Instructions :

Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumr and add a little piece ofaluminum foil to it.

Put the balloon over the neck of the bottle untilthe balloon is full of the resulting gas.

This is highly flammablehydrogen.

Now tie the baloon.

Now light the fuse, and let it rise.

When the fuse contacts the balloon, watch out!!!

Cannot use my password to get back into Windows XP

Because of the security features built into Windows XP, it is virtually impossible to get back into the system without the password.You have several options to try and get around this problem.

If you have access to another user account with administrator rights, you can use that account to change the passwordof the account that is locked out. You can also use the default Administrator account that is built into Windows XP.
First you need to boot the system into Safe Mode.1.Restart your system.2.When you see the blue Dell globe or screen, press the ( F8 ) key about 3 times a second.3.You should get the Windows startup menu. Use the (Up or Down) arrow keys to highlight (SafeMode)4.Press (Enter) on (Safe Mode), then press (Enter) on (Windows XP).5.The system should boot to Safe Mode.
Once you are at the Account Log on Screen, click on the iconfor the user account with administrator rights, or click on the iconfor the administrators account.Note: For Home the Administrator account isn’t normally shown & in Safe Mode you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys twice to show.For PRO you can do this in normal mode
When the system has booted to the desktop, use the following steps to change the accounts password.1.Click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools.2.Click Computer Management.3.Double click Local Users and Groups, double click the folder Users.4.Right click on the account name that is locked out, and click on Set Password.5.You may get a warning message about changing the password, simply click proceed.6.Leave the New Password box blank, also leave the Confirm Password box blank.7.Click OK, and OK again.8.Then close all Windows, reboot the system and try to log in.

There are also applications that can recover the password for you.The following companies provide these applications at a cost.iOpus® Password Recovery XP here.LostPassword.com, here.Asterisk Password Recovery XP v1.89 here.Windows XP / 2000 / NT Key here.

If the above information does not help in recovering the password, the only option left is toformat the hard drive then reinstall Windows and the system software.

-Pain Inside Me-

I write poetry to soothe my pain

Because all the world just seems the same

This twisting, burning, breaking

All because of one little game

What you said to me.

How you hurt me so.

The cut is just too deep.

Deepness scereing into my heart.

I want to know why…

This pain inside me,Just will not stop.

The burning, breaking pain.

The cut you left is hard to heal

And i cant seem to stop the bleeding.

I hope you are happy now.

With the pain you made me feel.