Iri Hati…


Pd pg td,ku jejakkn kaki ke unikl lg..smpai sane,tngk ader banner sal konvo..trus trdetik lam ht aku,bl aku akn dpt rse semua tu??  Allah jelah taw cne prsaan aku…aku smpi kt lib,n alhamdulillah,student crd aku msh ok lg..huhu..leh gk msk lib..jmpew hekmah,n instll adobe kt lptop die..lbh krg2jam sntngh aku kt sane,aku perhatikan org..ramai dak2 yg aku xknl..siyes aku rndu giler..Ya Allah,permudahknlah rezeki aku..

Spnjg kt ctu,dpt gk kacau Hana,Kak Dayah, n smpt dop gelak2 lam lib ngn Hekmah..sebelum aku blk td,aku sempat lak jumpe ngn Syafiq n Amran..hehe..Amran pom da pakai lptop skrg nih..huhu.Td,adew gk nmpak Sha n Amy,dorg adew discussion..Afzan ngn Dayah lak kna stay kt lobby tuk bg brg2 kt dak2 yg nk konvo..huhu..xsmpt lah jumpew dorg..aku ngh rush nk pegi kjew lak..hehe..Z mszj aku,die xdpt nk jmpew hr nih..nt lah mlm nt..

Bila nk kuar,nmpak lg senior2 aku yg nk grade..gler kentang aku rse…siyes aku iri hati sngt2..aku pom kna pstikn diri aku konvo gak nt..UiTM dl dh xdpt..ok lg aku rse,tp kl kt UniKL pom aku xdpt,mmg aku akn sesal seumur hidup aku..Nsbbnya,nilah bidang yg aku nkkn dr dl lg sjk aku knl IT..InsyaAllah,aku akn cb sedaya upaya aku tuk aku genggam segulung ijazah dr cni..lg pom,ak nk tnjukkn pd org yg sll pndg rendh kt aku yg aku juga mmpu tuk capai semua nih..birpun amik mse skrg2nyew,aku berusaha tuk capai semua impian aku…

sekarng nih aku da kt tmpat kje..aku nk smbung wt kje blk nih..sjew je nk rest jp td..huhu..k,salam ukhuwwah semua..



Different kind of Molitoff Cocktail

Here is how you do it:

– Get a coke bottle & fill it with gasoline about half full

– Cram a piece of cloth into the neck of it nice and tight

– Get a chlorine tablet and stuff it in there. You are going to have
to force it because the tablets are bigger than the opening of the

– Now find a suitable victim and wing it in their direction. When it
hits the pavement or any surface hard enough to break it, and the chlorine
and gasoline mix….. BOOM!!!!!!
Have fun!


An automatic reaction to walking into a dark room is to turn on the
light. This can be fatal, if a lightbulb bomb has been placed in the overhead
light socket.  A lightbulb bomb is surprisingly easy to make.  It also comes
with its own initiator and electric ignition system.  On some lightbulbs, the
lightbulb glass can be removed from the metal base by heating the base of a
lightbulb in a gas flame, such as that of a blowtorch or gas stove.  This must
be done carefully, since the inside of a lightbulb is a vacuum.  When the glue
gets hot enough, the glass bulb can be pulled off the metal base.  On other
bulbs, it is necessary to heat the glass directly with a blowtorch or
oxy-acetylene torch. In either case, once the bulb and/or base has cooled down
to room temperature or lower, the bulb can be filled with an explosive
material, such as black powder.  If the glass was removed from the metal base,
it must be glued back on to the base with epoxy.  If a hole was put in the
bulb, a piece of duct tape is sufficient to hold the explosive in the in the
bulb.  Then, after making sure that the socket has no power by checking with a
working lightbulb, all that need be done is to screw the lightbulb bomb into
the socket.  Such a device has been used by terrorists or assassins with much
success, since few people would search the room for a bomb without first
turning on the light.

Tennis Ball Bombs


– Strike anywhere matches
– A tennis ball
– A nice sharp knife
– Duct tape

Break a ton of matchheads off. Then cut a SMALL hole in the tennis
ball. Stuff all of the matchheads into the ball, until you can’t
fit any more in. Then tape over it with duct tape. Make sure it is
real nice and tight! Then, when you see a geek walking down the
street, give it a good throw. He will have a blast!!